I have been driving for 39 years and I have been a driver for 31 years and I thought that I was a good driver till I came here but I understood that I am not a good driver after this education. I also understood that I would be a more conscious driver after the training. I thank a lot to Autodrom facilities trainers and authorities who gave me this training chance and I want the authorities to make this training obligatory as soon as possible. Rıfat YÜKSEL

With the experience that I had in this training, I have learned from our trainers some important subjects and things that we have to learn that I have not learned or experienced in my 20 year driving life. We thank them for their efforts. Ufuk AKAY

First of all I thank you for establishing such a modern facility. I think that this training will be very useful, it will even save lives. I thank all of the Autodrom personnel. Rıza GÜNGÖR

I experienced things that I have never seen in my life and I believe that I will be a more conscious driver now. This training must be given by the driving schools from the very beginning. I think that these trainings must be obligatory by the Ministry of Education. Özgür DEMİRKAN

First of all I thank everyone who provided us this training. I think this training that we knew but could not have the chance to see in practice will be very useful for us. Showing the importance of knowing the vehicle and steering wheel control to us more clearly was a very different experience. Muhammed Ali GÜLCAN


This training that you have prepared has been a very good experience for us drivers. Making this training for everyone will give a good result. Our teachers really instructed us well I also thank them. Öztürk KARAMAN

I came here unwilling and thought that I would join a boring training. But I must say that it was very cheery and I corrected many lacking parts. I was very pleased with your hospitality. Adem İNCİ

At the facility that I came unwillingly, I learned a lot from the practical training that we had in the track. It was very elegant, everything was very beautiful and educating. I will advice every friend especially my wife and I will make her get this training as soon as possible. Atilla Doğan PEKTAŞ



Thanks a lot because of the successful training on driving experience. Extraordinary thanks for the beauty and efficiency of your facility. Sezai BERKTÜRK

I thank you very much for establishing such a facility, I wish that this training is made nationwide in Turkey. Lütfü İhsan DENİZ

I thank a lot to Autodrom authorities. I wish that all the drivers in Turkey have this training. Let’s not make mothers, children, fathers cry. Bayram DEMİR

It was a very positive and effective training about how to behave in possible critical situations and how to keep the vehicle control in traffic. I learned the missing parts and it will make me drive more controlled drive after today. Mustafa Kemal KÜPELİ

We saw that some practical knowledge that we had from the occupational experience were wrong. I think that this training on the vehicle about what we should do will add value to my future life. Thanks for all the information you gave to us. Zeki DOĞAÇ

The ropes of the mistakes that have been found about driving are explained and shown very well. I think that it will be very useful for every driver to have this training. Ali GÖKBEL

It is a chain of golden rules which are very useful and everybody must know at least have an idea about. I will advice everyone. Hakan AKALAN

The driving technique training made at several road conditions has been a very useful experience for me both technically and both practically. From now on I will drive more carefully in my travels in my local-intercity travels and I will try to use my experiences in Autodrom every time. Thanks for everything. Taner BİLGİLİ

I think it was a training that all the individuals in the traffic should see. I thank to Autodrom who gave us this service. This training has really been useful for me. Our trainer was really a rare gentleman. I wish Mr.Ibrahim, our trainer and a person who can get into dialogue with people and who makes you feel that you are trained, success in his future life. Berkan YILDIRIM

First of all I learned that I had to forget all the facts that I have learned. You harshly proved how men’s reflexes would betray its owners. The training was definitely effective and also that useful. I hope we will not face what we have learned in real life. But I have ideas about how I should react if I do. The sincerity, mastery and transferring the experiences was natural and adequate, I also thank him. Tayfun ÇELİK

With one word, just perfect! I wish our government would give the driving licenses with the perfection of such a training and education. I am sure that the death rates will fall down from %97 to %20 %10. I thank a lot to perfect expression of our training and educating teachers. All the world needs such a education. Erhan AYDIN


I think that it is very useful as the former rules that we know are not working and thanks to this training we will drive more safely and without endangering our vehicle and other vehicles. I thank to everyone working. Fatih GÖK

First of all I thank to our trainers. They made me live the most exciting moments of my 30 years driving life. There has been a lot that we don’t know. We learned, rather we tried to learn. I think from now on the control of the vehicles that we will use in the traffic will be more correct and regular. Recai BİÇER

I am sure that I will use this a lot and it will be very useful. I think that after my driving locally and intercity for 35 years I think that I have been very lucky to survive and I think it is very different than my driving style today. I will advice everyone and say “I SAW HOW PEOPLE ARE LIVING BY CHANCE”. Cemalettin KORAL

We saw that we were misinterpreting most of the things that we thought right and will try to make the right things afterwards. It was a very useful work. This is a training that every driver should have. The theoretical training helped us to get very useful information to improve ourselves more. I think that such a training must be given while taking a driver’s license. It was a very useful training. Satılmış EKERİM

I did not think that curve control was so important before I came to this training. At the end of the training I understood that I had so many missing parts as a result of the training from our trainer. I think that it was very useful for me. As a result of the information during the theoretical training I had more control on practice. Our trainers appropriate warnings and comments were very enlightening. Hüseyin PALIT

It is a very useful training. We learned things that we thought we knew but did not know in fact. In fact this training should be given before taking driver’s license. I will advice my friends to take this training. The theoretical training definitely included very useful information. The information that we knew but which was useful to remind were expressed. Besides we also had information about some subjects that will be very useful in the future. Our trainer was so calm, patient, was never getting bored of telling the same things, indulgent and experienced trainer. I also thank him for the things that he taught us. Ayhan AÇAR


First of all I want to thank for such an opportunity. The training as definitely positive. During the test drives I experienced risks that I would never live in traffic for years. The theoretical information was very good. The things that were given before the driving track and what we lived on the track was like a scenario coming true. The expression and interventions of the trainers in the training were relaxing and concentrating. Şükrü ŞİMŞEK

While I was coming here I thought that I would attend a seminar for one or most two hours and get lesson type information. But it was training above all my guesses. 09:00 in the morning, 17:00 in the evening if we don’t count the lunch break it is almost 8 hours. This is also seriousness and it is to explain us the importance of the business and I was really impressed during the application. My opinion is that such places should be more and every driver should get this training and so to be honest I learned a lot from the information that the trainers gave maximum. The theoretical training was hunky dory. I am more conscious after the theoretical training I had here. The patience and teaching skills our trainers, their determination and consciousness; there is nothing more to say I thanks again and again. Serkan KAZANCI

I think this training is very useful for us. We learned how to drive in snowy, frosted and rainy weather. We saw the reasons of sliding in the curves. We leaned how to brake in bad weather conditions and the speed to go. I think that this training will increase our experience; briefly we will need these rules in our driving life. I also understood that the theoretical information was given us very less in the past. Now I understood what we can do with more attention. Briefly we had very useful information. I understood that our trainers are very good and made us more conscious by telling us again and again. I thank them a lot. Mehmet KAYACI